Rental Equipment Guidelines

TERMS: All rental fees are due in advance. We accept all major credit cards.

RENTAL PERIOD: Rental time starts when the equipment is rented and continues until the equipment is returned (during normal business hours) or you call for pickup on delivered items.

RATES: 4 hour minimum, 24 hours, week 7 consecutive days, monthly 28 consecutive days. We do offer weekend special rates with no charge for Sunday.

DELIVERY: We offer delivery and pickup for any of our equipment, the rate is based on the job site location.

DAMAGE WAIVER: This is 10% of the base rental rate. This is not insurance. This is part of rental and does not cover misuse, abuse, flat tires, vandalism, negligence or theft of the equipment.

INSURANCE: When the equipment is in your possession it is your responsibility. Contact your insurance company for coverage.

GAS/DIESEL FUEL: Equipment goes out full of fuel. It is your responsibility to return the equipment full or pay us for fuel used.

MALFUNCTIONS: If occur during rental must notify Terry's Tool immediately.

CLEANING: cleaning charges may apply to any and all rentals

ATTACHMENTS: When rented by themselves are 1 ½ times the displayed rate,